Friday Feature: La Colombe

April 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

A new series, Friday Feature, will feature something. Anything! But today, since it’s Friday, and it was a little hard getting out of bed this morning, I’ll feature my favorite West Loop coffee shop, La Colombe.

Come into the space and you’ll know whats missing; the CDs, merchandise, wicker baskets of on sale coffee mugs, lunch sandwiches. I almost got frustrated my first time coming to La Colombe. They didn’t have those stupid syrups, add-ons, ventis, grandes, hocus pocus that’s now embedded in our coffee language. They have coffee beans, espresso, whole milk, cane sugar, and a couple of delicious pastries to choose from. That’s it. The simplicity, the modesty; it’s genius. It’s that snap back into reality of what the coffee experience should be. The best part is that it’s right across from Starbucks…to the point where I walk PAST Starbucks to get to La Colombe. I got the cappuccino, my co-worker got a latte. Included in the latte was amazing foam art, which is shown below. The cappuccino was fabulous, and I’ll probably go get another one.


See yelp for more pictures of the space, an empty yet rustic look. It invites in everyone with that one thing in common, coffee. 

Also, as you may have known that amazing coffee project I was involved in during school, in Uganda, La Colombe has similar ethics you should check out.

Now go, go on. Go get some coffee!

955 West Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60607
M-F: 7:00-7:00



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