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Our trip to Portland was fantastic. I loved experiencing every minute of it with D; every meal, walk, raindrop, sight, and biker that passed by us. Portland is such a … smart city. The way it’s planned, I mean. It could have been the prime location our hotel was in (in the middle of EVERYTHING), but they really are the greenest city for a reason. Their bike lanes are generously sized, and certainly not sporadic. They treat bikers like people, as they are. They seem to have the right of way everywhere. Their transit system is unbelievably efficient. It’s pretty affordable too (no sales tax!!!!!) and the city plan is well thought out. It’s a small city, or like a really large suburb. Buildings aren’t taller than 10 stories, with a random 20 story here and there. Everything is so GREEN. The weather was pretty decent. It rained legitimately three times while we were there. The night we arrived, the moment we biked, and the morning we left. The rest was back and forth between chilly and warm, with an occasional mist.

Things we did:
lots of Stumptown Coffee
Powell’s books
Japanese / Rose Garden
visited my mom’s art gallery
(saw Star Trek)
drove to Cannon Beach
Portland Carnival
ate from food carts
went to the Saturday market
biked to Hawthorne and around the neighborhoods
went through Laurelhurst Park, which is probably the most beautiful park I’ve ever been in my life

Some places we ate at:
Clyde Common
Voodoo Donut
The Original
Bill’s Tavern (Cannon Beach)
food carts (pizza/Egyptian food)
The Roxy
Nick’s Famous Coney Island
Brasserie Montmartre
Kenny and Zuke’s

It was all delicious and filling. The hotel we stayed at was called the Ace Hotel – how adorable and rustic it was, also very hipster. I really recommend staying there if you make a trip.

I’ve already been thinking about being back in Portland as I sit at my desk here. The weather has been similar, but a bit more steamy in Chicago. The rain is familiar, and I think I won’t take the humidity if that’s an option… I hope to go back some day, and you should too.

IMG_6677 IMG_6692 IMG_6699 IMG_6741 IMG_6825 IMG_6828 IMG_6832 IMG_6850 IMG_6883 IMG_6898 IMG_6906 IMG_6913 IMG_7041 IMG_7051 IMG_7059 IMG_7080 IMG_7086 IMG_7101 IMG_7123 IMG_7126 IMG_7130 IMG_7135

for more photos, check out the whole g+ album with photos


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