WNWR: Emma

June 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

emma final

Today’s Want/Need/Wear/Read features my good friend of 10 years, miss Emma Kearney!

WANTA Polaroid Camera! Have you ever been to a party where someone is taking Polaroid photos? They instantly become the most popular person in the room. Also, I don’t want to go through the trouble of printing my digital photos at Walgreen’s.
NEEDThat first week of August off. I haven’t been to the Cape in 4 years. Let’s be real here. This trip is a necessity. 
WEARSomewhere out there is the perfect statement jacket. Maybe a blazer with Asian embroidery or something faux furry. I imagine the day we cross paths will be so legendary, religions will write words so inspiring that people will dedicate their lives to understanding its meaning. 
READMermaid In Chelsea Creek. It’s YA but don’t judge! I’ve heard from only the most reputable source (Buzzfeed.com) that it’s an obsession in the making. And ya can’t go wrong with a McSweeney’s. :)

This idea comes from miss james bleubird.


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