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June 16, 2013 § 1 Comment

Happy fathers day too all of the fathers out there, and the memories of fathers that remain most precious to you! I decided to feature my dad today by asking a few questions all about him.

What do you remember about the house you lived in as a kid?
I remember when it was being built (my parents still live there today), and when we got the addition put on (after about the 5th or 6th kid..)! My grandfather used a hose hooked up to the faucet to clean the basement floor.

What did you have as a child that kids today don’t have?
I had a paper route starting when I was in 2nd grade, and had a big paper route when I was in college!

Which family member has been your greatest coach in life? How have they coached you?
It seems like my uncles made a big impression on me, my Uncle Lenny was a funny guy, and provided help in getting a job at the Post Office. My Uncle Chuck helped me see what life as an independent salesman was like, and my Uncle John showed me that you could have a great lifestyle owning your own small business. Of course my dad guided me through some big decisions such as what to study in college, how to think of money, and how to approach work.

What’s your favorite memory of your dad? Your mom?
My dad would tell us stories of when he was a kid. My mom used to slice bananas really fast into our cereal bowl when we were kids (lots of kids, and we had to catch the school bus in a few minutes after eating).

When you were a kid, what was your favorite holiday? How did you celebrate?
Halloween, we trick or treated, and I’d lockup my candy (the good stuff) in my ‘safe’ bank.

What was your favorite movie or book when you were my age?
I liked (and still do) Star Wars, and 2001 a space odyssey (the book)

What was the hardest thing you went through as a child? How did you overcome it?
There were some incidents that seemed hard at time, it seemed like several revolved around fixing my bike. One was trying to tighten my handlebars. The nut that hold them tight fell into the fork, and I couldn’t figure out how to get it back out. Grandpa told me to bring it to the bike store, but I didn’t want to wait. I ended up trying to fix it myself by taking the bike more apart, and once I got the fork off, I got the bolt out, and fixed the handlebars, and taught myself more about my bike. I felt ‘superhero status’, because I could do something my dad couldn’t do.

If you could know anything about our family history or about a relative who has passed away, what would you want to know?
I’d like to know why they came to the USA, and know more about how difficult that decision would have been.

What are your best memories of holidays or family gatherings as a child?
I liked getting together with my cousins, they were all a lot of fun, and the food was always good, and my aunts and uncles were all very nice to me, too…

How are you most different from your parents? How are you the same?
I don’t really think of myself I these terms, different and the same… I’d just say that we all have our strengths, and if we can focus on that, and leaning on each other in their strong areas, we’ll all have it a little easier on the path of life.

What did your siblings do with you that you loved? What did they do that you didn’t enjoy so much?
A lot of growing up was having the ‘big kids’ pick on the ‘little kids’. Around 8th grade, the ‘big kids’ lost interest in the ‘little kids’ and the bickering stopped. Everyone was too occupied by looking at themselves in the mirror!

In what ways are we alike and in what ways are we different?
I don’t think we know how we are the same, or different. Mostly I”ve just tried to get over the current obstacle, and didn’t think much further than that. Of course, everyone is different, and we all find different ways to progress, or just get over the obstacle. Sometimes it is difficult to understand why someone is like the way they are, but it’s important to understand that it might not be possible for them to change much without a huge amount of motivation or need to change. Understanding this might make one’s own life more liveable.

Do you think today’s fathers have it harder, easier or just different?
It’s probably about the same in terms of being difficult… and it’s got new elements that make it different. There are always things that you are unprepared for, both good and not so good. The main thing is to remain flexible. Being a parent really isn’t that hard, it’s fun!

What’s one thing you wish you knew would happen in the present that you wish you knew 10 years ago, if you could?
I think it would be something related to my business. I would have liked to know the effect that electronics would have on communication today, but would have known that 10 years ago.

What’s one thing you enjoyed experiencing with me and my brother? What’s one thing you wish to experience with us in the next 10 years?
I always liked going on vacation(s), and going for a bike ride. I always wanted to go on a safari after paying off the house. I’d still like to go on one, if possible, after paying off the house (again).

What do you want to make sure that my children and grandchildren will remember about you?
That I was a good person, and was willing to help others from time to time.

Thanks, Dad!


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