8.4.13/A few things that I love

August 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’ll be honest, I haven’t taken ANY pictures. I recently got the new S4, and have had many a problem with it this weekend, which has resulted in me restoring it 3 times. I also haven’t been able to find/get used to a photo editing app like I used on the iPhone. (oh vsco, I miss you.) Therefore, no pictures. On the other side, I’ve finally had a weekend to kick back and TRULY relax. I mean, Friday night I came home from work early (summer hours), sat on my couch, nursed my sore knee, cooked dinner for me and D, and we went out on date night to see Despicable Me 2. (highly recommend both movies)

Saturday I kicked back all day – it’s been a ‘relax in my undies’ weekend, not much on my agenda besides finishing Orange is the New Black, playing with my new gadget, and yelling at Sprint over Twitter. It’s now Sunday evening, and after a long work of week heating up, recovering from my 412 mile bike ride, and a working telephone, I finally, finally feel relaxed. I would LOVE one more day, as ‘exhausting’ can’t quite cover how I feel about work lately, but I’ll take 2.5 days of weekend.


Lillie’s Q, Chicago, 8.4.13 dinner with Lindsay

I have *finally* had time to hit Pinterest, so I am sharing a few things that I love, and want.


Flowers, I can’t get enough. look at these

A great late summer shirt. Hate to say it publicly, but I’m ready for fall. Favorite season.

Blue Cheese + Smashed Avocado Roasted Tomato Grilled Cheese

This Blue Cheese + Smashed Avocado Roasted Tomato Grilled Cheese looks amazing and I want it in my mouth.


Cute shoes, for work. Now accepting them in 9.5

Santa Cruz

The colors in this picture…

painting patio squares

DIY patio square painting project!


A sucker for hair bandanas lately.

l o v e

Loving any kind of seat swing, hammock, etc. lately

Simple pot rack

Simple pot holder


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