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1. Candid from Friday night party
2. Light well
3. Morning music
4. Sunday morning with my boys
5. Hangouts with Stacy and Robin
6. Eggs florentine*
7. Cornbread at Crosby’s Kitchen
8. Anthropologie setup
9. Rainy Sunday

*Stacy, Robin and I went to Crosby’s Kitchen in Lakeview, on Southport for a late lunch, and it has probably one of the best benedicts I’ve ever had. The second best (a close tie) was in Portland. I will definitely be returning to this restaurant again in the near future, and if you do too, you have to order the cornbread.

Not sure if you have noticed, but my blog is forgoing changes in its theme. I am trying to get a look that I like, and there are so many positive things about the layouts I’ve been choosing, but not all of them are perfect. The ones I really like are all paid, and until I hit my year mark here and have a great following, I’ll be using the free ones for now. If there are things you like and don’t like, the feedback is welcome. And if you know of a great simple/clean wordpress theme, that is free, let me know about that too!

Happy Monday!


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