August 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

Although it feels like the moons are realigning – the seasons are transitioning, and changing, as are the people around me ever so slightly – I’ve been feeling so inspired and happy. The fashion, the weather, the city, the world around me seems brighter. I’m viewing it through a new eye, it’s my first fall working in the city, so the new scenery is refreshing. The sun is ever slightly getting closer to us by the day. Fall is coming, and shadows are getting longer. August is a transition month, from the hot-humid-summer Junes and Julys that are slowly slipping into my past, it welcomes the colorful, crisper September.

The summer music is making me feel reminiscent of my trips around the US I’ve taken since Spring, but I’m so eager to start a new chapter come September. No more vacations then, just settling into work for a while, into a pile of leaves, and into the coffee I’ll be making once manfriend lends me his french press from his storage.

What is your favorite brand of beans? I am now on the market, probably starting with Stumptown and our own Intellegentsia. La Colombe is right next door, too. I can smell the fresh brewing on weekend mornings, mm.

Here are a few things that have inspired me the last few days.

An article that summarizes why I switched over to Android.

Was linked to this through Flipboard on Gaby Hoffman’s upbringing at the Chelsea Hotel. The woman seems brilliant.

Once I get that french press, I’ll be making these religiously.

Manfriend and I have been watching Twin Peaks religiously lately, and it’s whole bunches of crazy.

A new restaurant in Chicago I’m eager to try. Their menu seems adventurous.

Advice on keeping a bedtime, something I’ll follow more closely.

For promotion’s purpose, care to follow me on instagram?

In September I’ll be on the market for new Born boots, I’m already eyeing a few styles.

Can’t stop listening to the new Civil Wars album lately. So much drama and passion. My favorite so far is probably Dust to Dust.

A few outfits I will definitely be sporting come the fall.


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