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August 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

I sit here, at my desk, recently having brought the bottle of wine into my room. It’s that kind of night. I sit here and prepare your morning posts on toast, and stare at the suitcase that is not packing itself. I’ll be gone on hiatus for a long weekend, but I think we all will. Enjoy these things to keep yourself entertained.

Another post from Che and Fidel on practicing simplicity.

My friend Angella also has a blog. You should check her out!

One day I’ll be able to afford the $3K cameras that my favorite bloggers use, but for now, what I have will suffice.

This breakfast will be made for the manfriend and I sometime soon.

Um, this needs to be bought.

I’m going to host a party just so I can eat these.

Mom and dad are in the pacific northwest the next week. Reminiscing about our trip a few months ago

This instagram photo is getting me to persuade the manfriend for a fall getaway to St. Louis.

This is what I’m doing today from 3 pm +

Is / it / fall / yet?



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