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It is September! In case you didn’t know yet. It’s beautiful this morning, a crispy mid 60’s and sunny, but I have a feeling summer will be around for a while. Everyone keeps saying summer ended… ?! I remember turning my AC on last October, our seasonal calendar is shifting.

In my high school days, I had any excuse to be emo and listen to that Green Day song about September ending. but on my walk to work I realized I feel much differently now that I’m older. I have many fond memories of last September.

September last year sounds like Love This Giant, smells like dates to Long Grove with my manfriend, and tastes like cucumber drinks at Lula Cafe. I’m excited for this already busy month coming up.

Exciting news, I have decided to participate in ‘Blogtember’. Just follow me daily for questions and topics provided to me. I’m glad to not think about the material on my own. I’ll keep up with my own themes and categories, but follow this one so we all get to know each other a little bit more!

Tuesday, Sept. 3: Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

Mom is an artist, dad is an engineer. They are both extremely loving parents. I couldn’t have asked for a better childhood. I grew up in River Forest and Oak Park, IL, just outside of Chicago and surrounded by the great Frank Lloyd Wright. I blame this cultural neighborhood, city, and my parents on my upbringing and interest in architecture and design. They brought me all over the country which is why I must always have a trip ahead of me. My brother is a pilot. Having an older brother got me to be an excellent wrestler and feel strong, physically.

I always had a camera in my hand since I knew how to hold one. I took selfies then, and I take them now.

I ended up riding a two wheeler bike (without falling) on my own while searching for my brother and our neighbor during a game of hide and go seek. They spotted me riding it as they peeked through the bushes they hid behind and started applauding as I took off. I need not say that they spoiled their hiding spot via their cheers.

I went to school at an (sub)urban high school, played field hockey, badminton, and every other sport before then. I’ve also touched most string instruments in my young days, but the only one that stuck was my voice which I took lessons for from 6th-12th grade. I still sing poorly in the shower and car, hoping to continue lessons when I feel like paying for them again. I was nerdy, unfashionable, skinny, lanky, athletic, and had no interest on how I looked, which is very different than how I am now.

I am still extremely sensitive and am a crier, but I’m much more modest and shy about it now. I’m very empathetic, and the simplest change in tone or facial expression from anyone can effect me greatly.

Having that empathy though only makes me grow | my enthusiasm is people’s favorite thing about me | Grace is not my middle name due to my klutziness | I am a great friend when I see great people | my greatest pet peeve is un-constructive criticism

That’s enough about me, now.



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