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The short weekend break was nice from blogging. Although I do have about 3 ‘draft’ posts pending. I spoiled you guys last week! This blogtember is fun, but makes me realize it’s hard to blog every day. At least they give me something to talk about. Here are 10 from the weekend.

1. Walking around my neighborhood
2. Has Macklemore been here?
3. Making breakfast while he watches Planet Earth
4. How much is that kitty in the window?
5. Looking for Bernadette
6. Trying to eat healthier
7. Can you guess which posters I wanted?
8. Beautiful bag I want
9. Shoes from John Fluevog
10. Wicker Park Library


I wasn’t a fan of today’s blogtober. I took a personality test where it concluded I was an ENFJ type personality. I am not that, I am Becca. We all have or own ways of being. Sometimes I answered as an introvert, sometimes as an extrovert. It’s really hard to tell. The people around you understand you the most, and others who will meet you in the future will be lucky to do so.


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