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September 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

The only thing that matters right now is how loud I am blasting Little Dragon’s Ritual Union into my ear drums at work even though I don’t believe in weddings because they cost so much. Why not use that money to a glorified honeymoon?

Tuesdays are probably just as bad as Mondays and I find it amazing how terrible adulthood can be sometimes. I worked a terrible stressful no good very bad workday and came home to watch the Walking Dead where I contemplated for two whole episodes if I would be alive by a third season. My dinner was delicious and the only positive thing I had going for me on a Monday and then I decided to go to bed early when I really just sat in bed in the dark for an hour stalking people on Instagram and Vine wondering why my life wasn’t as perfect in 6 second videos as the people I follow

The nightmare I kept having was how much money I was spending on all the weddings I keep getting invited to and how unhealthy I was eating in my dream at some hole in the wall diner in Wisconsin which consisted of 3 really fatty overcooked eggs, mashed potatoes (because they screwed up my order) and greasy sausage. I woke up thanking the egg gods that my dinner the previous night at least included arugula and I looked somewhat skinny in my hipster panties, which was after the terrible charlie horse in my leg that managed to get me to ACTUALLY cry out like a little girl

That’s adulthood for you, folks. Weddings, fatty foods, 10 pm bedtime, emotional turmoil over social media outlets and wondering if a Zombie apocalypse is any better

More news at lunch?


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