The best and worst thing

September 12, 2013 § 2 Comments

Thursday, September 12: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.

Twitter: I can be really funny in 160 characters or less. I try to be smarter with my word choice, and make an impact through one or two phrases. I definitely report back on TV shows that I’m watching, obsessively, but I try not to give any spoilers away.

Facebook: A simple click of a ‘like’ could fill my day with happiness. I post what I think that matters or what I think is hilarious. I express myself to my friends in a way I wish to see them too. If they are obnoxious, I hide them from my news feed.

Pinterest: I don’t post workout routines, and then eat the cakes that ruin the workout routines. It’s a tool for me to improve my style, discover recipes I hope to cook for my man, friends, and as a future mother. It helps book mark ideas for gifts, designs for my future home, and decor ideas. I don’t have a wedding board, and I un-follow boards that have any wedding ideas. Patterns help me stimulate my brain, and places I want to visit allow my eye to wonder in day dreams when I need it most. I’m particular about what I follow, and can get pretty judge-y.

Instagram: I am blown away by a 2×2″ picture. It has helped me focus and improve my eye for photography. I can be creepy, and really good at stalking. I am still trying to figure out how people get hundreds to thousands of followers, but I’ll figure it out one day. People out there are talented, and I want to be surrounded fully by pictures that inspire me.

Blogging: It combines my two favorite hobbies; writing and photography. I learn about myself as I report to you. It’s a good way of expression; it keeps me modest, clean, creative, honest. I try improve my writing style – I have people and bloggers out there I strive to be like, but you can’t be someone else’s beautiful. I worry about the stigma of blogging. I am a woman, yes. But I don’t have a house, or children to brag about. I do it because I like telling you my story, and if there were another word than ‘blogging’ I would rather use that. Diaries, journaling, they all have a weak stigma in my mind.

Things that still boggle my mind about social media: Why adults write passive aggressive statuses (novels), tweets, or smack talk someone with their name tagged right next to it. Why some people can only write about the glass half empty. Why society thinks nothing is official until it’s “Facebook official”.

It’s taught me that although writing through text, anywhere, can be convenient and quiet, it takes a whole lot of personality and communication away. “k”, “ok”, and “okay” are 3 very different things. I’ve become more judgmental about people I know and don’t know, therefore am paranoid about what people think about me. I try to not worry about what people think of me. I focus my energy on the outlets I get something out of, and shun the things that don’t. The time frame of communication gets smaller, and I expect quicker responses. If it’s more than a day since I’ve heard from someone, I freak out. I try to teach myself to be patient, and understand if someone cannot respond right away. I’ve been in that boat many times.

Social media has been the best and worst medium ever created. Let it bring out the best of you.


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§ 2 Responses to The best and worst thing

  • Wow, I completely agree – social media is the best and the worst. It’s provided more connection, but at the same time taken away a lot of “real life” connection. It’s sad to even have to say “real life” in that sentence”. Social media has made some people unable to connect face-to-face. I would say the “passive aggressive” Facebook status updates you mentioned are a good example of that!

  • megbird1691 says:

    Seriously, I have been appalled at what some grown A-dults have posted on facebook. I try to laugh but it’s mostly just embarrassing. Very thought-provoking post!

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