September 16, 2013 § 1 Comment

I hope the weather stays like this forever. I’ve enjoyed the rain and 60 degree weather so much this weekend.

I’m glad to live in a city with all four seasons. I couldn’t imagine living in a stable climate year after year. My body is used to the seasonal rhythm, there have been trigger points that my body is suddenly craving or enjoying again. The longer shadows for one. My manfriend and I saw a movie and even leaning over and snuggling with his arm between two layers of hooded sweatshirts was one of the smuggest feelings I’ve had in a while.

I haven’t had my PSL yet, but having my ‘poor man lattes’ lets me sneak some pumpkin spice into my coffee and it’s been hitting the spot. My morning brewed coffee is just good enough. The sun has been hitting my apartment in a way I haven’t seen before, the change is nice.











1. Artwork at a very local dive bar.
2. Studying to be an architect at Ipsento. Love the ceiling reflection.
3. Theaster Gates at the MCA
4. Black Monks of Mississippi*
5. Installation by Theaster
6. Visitors of the MCA
7. My kinda bag
8. Finally visited Antique Taco. Delicious
9. Late night walks
10. Bang Bang Pie Shop. I could stay here all day, just for the smells.

*I visited the MCA, where I saw Theaster Gates’ exhibit (finally). In one of the rooms was a video loop of his improvisational band, The Black Monks of Mississippi. I sat there for at least 15 minutes, maybe 20, listening to this hypnotic, therapeutic noise, sound, music, that came out of these men (and a woman!) What an…experience. What a sound. I need more of it, now. I couldn’t get out of my seat. If you can, go check it out while the exhibit is still up. I can’t even describe it, but I got goosebumps.


Other good things that happened, not pictured:

  • My good friend Karl bought me lunch on Friday at the French Market. It was a turkey sandwich from Fumare. What a gentle-man.
  • My manfriend treated me to a new duvet cover from Ikea. It’s purple and shimmery. Nothing screams adulthood like new sheets.
  • I got to hangout with another old friend Tori, and meet her awesome boyfriend Conrad. They just moved here/back from Boston. We went on a double date to see the World’s End.
  • After we talked about movies for an hour right in front of a fireplace at D4 Irish Pub. I drank cider.
  • Retired my TOMS shoes as a gateway to adulthood. Had to let go of those frayed, dirty, smelly shoes.
  • Finally bought my Minnetonkas. If anyone wants to hang out, you can find me in front of my tv being a hermit all week. But at least I’ll look fabulous!
  • Won a game of SORRY! vs. Lindsay on Friday night. It was a close game.
  • Watched ‘Hot Coffee’, a movie about the corruption in our Civil Justice system. So sad. (the happy part is that I finally watched it)
  • Just bought a new bag of coffee beans at the store tonight, Intelligentsia. My Ipsento bag is running out. Local all the way!
  • Also bought spiced apple cider! Stoked!
  • Billie Holiday is currently playing.

Not a fan of the blogtember prompt today. This will have to suffice.


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  • Ashley says:

    This is a fun little post :) Happy for you, with your new sheets and Minnetonka wearin’ feet. We could probably be friends. I love all of these things (minus coffee)!

    xo Ashley

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