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What is your relationship with coffee? Some people don’t like it, some people can’t have it, others find it a treat while the rest are addicted. Everyone has their own story.

photo (13)cappuccino, Heritage Bicycles, Chicago

I went a long time without drinking coffee between 2011-2013. I got into tea and tried detoxing myself from caffeine altogether, purely as a challenge / test that I didn’t really need it as a working adult. Especially after focusing on the coffee IPRO too, it was really weird just quitting cold turkey. I can’t really recall how often I’d put coffee or espresso to my lips during that time, a cup of earl gray or green tea was really what I desired.

I am pretty sure living near Ipsento, having tried one of their iced mochas on a hot summer day is what got my gears running for coffee/espresso all of a sudden. It’s like that switch turned off (or on) and I suddenly needed & wanted it back in my life again and in very large quantities.

To me, coffee is such a treat. It’s an excuse to get away from my desk during the day for 10 minutes, something I look forward to in the morning as I get ready to go to work, and a way to explore new coffee roasters and shops. A good friend of mine and I love exploring coffee shops together. How could I explore their beans without dipping my tongue into what Chicago has to offer? I started using a french press in the morning almost every day now to save money on it. I look forward to that; the smell and task of preparing the coffee, drinking it on my way to work.. I never drink more than one cup a day, and if I do, I know it was a bad idea; my heart beats fast and the effects hit me hard. Any coffee drank after 1 pm will keep me up until midnight.

Part of me thinks that my non-drinking-coffee spell will happen again, maybe even soon. I’m not sure. That switch will turn on (or off), and I’ll look forward to trying it again after that. Maybe I’m just weird.

Another question, what’s your best cup of coffee? (Mine: Ipsento’s Iced mocha / Orange With a Peel‘s orange roast coffee)


Nutella, Ipsento, Chicago


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  • Rachel says:

    My stomach is so sensitive so I don’t well with coffee but sometimes I treat myself to a pumpkin spice latte but I haven’t yet this season. I do love tea. I think coffee or tea breaks are a fun thing to look forward to especially if you’re stuck behind a desk all day!


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