The New Crown

October 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

I had the pleasure of returning to my alma mater this afternoon for a workshop in the program I’m mentoring in – this gave me the perfect opportunity to photograph the New Crown Hall. If you don’t know this, the building went under major renovations this summer.






















Personally I like the new work. I had the pleasure of talking to a student in his 5th year, who I still remember as a lil’ freshman (gosh I feel old), and asked his opinion on the new space. The biggest reaction was ‘what a shock’ it was to everyone. I enjoy the glass rooms on the first floor and am THRILLED to see those hideous lockers gone. It was a peaceful space upstairs when I was there, probably because no one was in. The basement, he said, is impossible to hear anything in since it’s so open, but the collaborative studio was Mies’ intention when he first built it. More work to be done for the acoustics, in the end. 

My second favorite part was the expansion of the library across the entire south side of the basement; definitely the best decision made overall. The building becomes simpler and somehow the program became more modular. I applaud the new dean and his decision, despite other criticism. 


It was such a nostalgic afternoon. I can’t lay a finger on it, but I get washed away by so many memories of just everything on campus. One walk around campus makes me recall things, flings, old boyfriends, jobs, long days of homework, new and old friends, organizations, travels local and abroad, meetings, emails, early classes and classes where I’m barely awake, passions discovered and dreams thrown out the window, phone calls to mom, short nights, long days, dark, light, laughter and tears. 

I arrived on the train and remembered how many times I took that ride, yet it still felt foreign returning. It started to rain today, but this time the rain was beautiful. Every time it rained for 5 years while I was at IIT, a weird sadness overtook me that the campus was so hideous in the rain. Two years of growth, surprisingly, gave me an optimistic spin on how much I’ve grown from 2006-2013. I was truly afraid that becoming an adult made me feel so much less happy, more cynical, which is true; however I have to be excited for the new memories I will make. I don’t want to get too hung up on the past, and frankly the flashbacks are infinite and I’ll never be able to relive or retell the things that I went through. It’s been a good day.


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