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October 11, 2013 § 1 Comment

The only thing I can’t wait to do is step out of this fcking city for 24 hours. I need a vacation. I always have a trip lined up, but not now, and it’s nauseating.

I’m so stressed and it’s from being dropped into a pool of sharks at work. I can’t think of any more ‘at ocean’ metaphors for how I’ve been feeling there, but sometimes its hard for me to keep myself from crying on the train home (side note, I love my job, but I feel I’ve been learning everything all at once.) I’m a happy person, but adulthood sucks sometimes. I have no energy at night. I can’t think for myself, I’m prying my eyes open for content on this thing.

These dark mornings? Don’t get me started.

I’m tired of all this Ventra hodgepodge, grumpy and asinine bikers on the road, backed up commuting traffic, and witnessing at least one pedestrian yelling at another or a car laying its horn down.

It’s tiring to see our society always on their phones, everywhere, all the time.

And this god damn government shut down? Who are these fools at the top!

I need the nature, the quiet surroundings of a suburban town. I need to hop on my bike with my father who I haven’t seen or talked to in weeks. I need fall trees over my head because frankly Chicago doesn’t have many.

There are far better places I would rather be than this one right now. You’re making me mad, Chicago, and world. Y’all are depressing.


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  • Karen Sofie says:

    Hey, hang in there! Sometimes you just need to start swimming (metaphor), and then you’ll find yourself on the other side. And also, it’s OK to say you need a break, you can’t function properly if you don’t get some air.
    Hugs from Berlin!

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