that fall feeling

October 17, 2013 § 4 Comments

I’m not sure about you, but I’m definitely soaking up this fall weather. I was afraid it would slip past me, considering how busy I am in October, and I’m sure I’m not taking full advantage of everything I can do anyway.


There are a ton of new ways I have been enjoying the season though. I’ve been discovering a lot of the female vocal, mystical music that’s perfect for these grayer days. (Agnes Obel, Lykee Li feat David Lynch, Rachel Zeffira, London Grammar, and of course the classic Billie Holiday.)


Lots of nights I come home, unwind on the couch with an episode of Louie (the third season is AMAZING, by the way) cook up some fried rice, have a beer, and decide what element of my giant to do list I want to tackle.
I have spent many hours at night in the confines of my local coffee shop, Ipsento, studying to Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, or other jazz musicians I chose in the moment.


Definitely made it a point to go with the earthy colors in all of my outfits; browns, pashmina scarves, oversized sweaters, high buns, knit hats, tall brown boots (yesss), turtlenecks and plaid shirts.


The photoshoot last weekend also got me extremely pumped for this city in the fall. I made one of the nature pictures my desktop at work, so I enjoy seeing it every morning when I power up. The three of us were able to to grab some pumpkin pastries and a PSL as a reward for our hard work on Sunday.


I didn’t think I was going to go too pumpkin crazy, but none the less, I’m about to pick up another cart full of pumpkin items our Trader Joe’s supplies. Mini pies, coffee, yogurt, beer, and the like. I’ve had a couple PSL’s, Ipsento’s Pumpkin Patch Latte (they use actual pumpkin puree…), cupcakes, bread, just PUMPKIN ALL THE THINGS.


My instagram is a little bit darker and more neutral colors, as most pictures I take are in the darker mornings and nights. I’m considering heading out for a walk at lunch to capture the daylight while it’s out.

I’ve made it a point to always have a large bowl of honeycrisp apples sitting on our counter. I probably eat two a day, lately.


A favorite night so far is from last week, sitting in the dark on my human’s couch while he cooked me dinner (oh yes. he does that too.). It was a night to myself sans studying or errand running (what’s that?) and I tackled a ton of episodes of my shows I’ve been behind on. I had on my alpaca fur socks, which I swear to you beat any smartwool out there, a large sweater I thrifted, and a hot cup of tea.


Every morning the smugness of this season overtakes me, I just wish the city had a couple more trees to paint our avenues yellow.

What are some ways you’ve enjoyed the season so far?



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