Dark mornings, a playlist, and Twin Peaks – My 100th Post

October 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

Happy 100th Post to me!

I’ve been quiet – the darker mornings don’t pump as much energy into me during the day. I’m about to take my first test for the architectural examination licensing process on November 5th, which means many nights spent this week and next at Ipsento. I really don’t mind, it’s gotten so cold in Chicago lately. You can see your breath here this morning. I can’t get enough cider, both hot and cold. They both keep me warm, in their own ways. I really wish I had more sweaters. It’s dark all the time, so I might as well cuddle up in their back room, play some jazz, and read about site planning.

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I made a playlist for you.


Currently my main squeeze and I are in the middle of season 2 of Twin Peaks. The last song in the playlist is from the latest episode we watched, where we found out the murderer (supposedly) of Laura Palmer. I’m not sure if most people I know have watched this show which is a complete shame. For anyone with a crush on David Lynch, this show will tickle your fancy. As my boyfriend likes to describe it:

I think everyone involved just said ‘this is fucked up, we all know, so lets roll with it’

The show … I can’t even explain it. The story is deep, as it touches many issues of drug use and addiction, sexual abuse, and murder with a light, early 90’s, Pacific Northwest, crazy awkward kind of feel. The characters all have over-sized plaid clothing, perms, and Dale Cooper obsesses over his piece of pie and superb cup of coffee. Every character is cute, crazy, and the acting is hilarious. We love the episodes where someone isn’t screaming, and every episode is a cliff hanger. I’m going to be sad when this show is over (we have a while…) but it’s certainly been a key point of our conversations lately, especially from last night.

Has ANYONE out there seen it?!


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